WOW Laurence!

My adult student Laurence has broken my student all time record of the highest score for Grade 5 theory – scoring an amazing 99 percent!

He has just given me the most amazing home made card with a picture of a 99 ice cream on the front. Inside it says:

“Hi Anne, I’m growing fonder than ever of 99s! Sorry it took a while testing the ingredients, but the final dessert you served up was a beaut, simply cool, and much more than expected. It really has to be graded five star.

Many thanks, Laurence.

P.S. Hope this isn’t too cornety.

Oh Laurence, groan!!! And I think you had something to do with the result yourself…… 😉

One Response to “WOW Laurence!”

  1. Lizz Beahan

    Wooooooow!!!!!!! That is fantastic Lawrence! I only got 94% & I have beaten me hands down. Well done! xxx