” I’m doing a MA in Music Therapy and it’s just made me realise how much I owe to you and your teaching. It wasn’t just the classical stuff, I really think the jazz piano  helped me to improvise and tap into my musicality, and write songs(etc). In fact, we had to do musical autobiographies recently- 15 mins of what influenced us in our musical development, and I chose that Christopher Norton grade 5 jazz piece to play a bit of as an extract, as I remember you playing it for me and thinking ‘Wow, I’m going to be really good when I can play this!’. I really feel like I’ve found my calling and I wouldn’t have got on this route if it hadn’t been for you”

Rosanna, ex student and university music graduate

“My twelve years spent at the Anne Topping School of Music provided me with some of the most stimulating and enjoyable music lessons that I have ever experienced. Anne is one of those rare teachers who manages to integrate practical tuition with a wider understanding and appreciation for music and its history. Anne was instrumental in enabling me to secure places at Music College and University to read music; she goes above and beyond simple teaching and is always there to offer support and advice. Anne is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Oliver, Student

“Our children have been taking Piano lessons from Anne for the past five years. In that time she has kept the children interested by encouraging different styles of music at every opportunity, whilst gently steering them up through the Grades. Anne will not rush your child (or yourself) and has an abundance of patience, no-one is entered into an exam unless they will pass and pass well.
Anne is meticulous in her lesson preparation and introduces new pieces at exactly the right time. Furthermore, she pulls unusual pieces “out of the hat” that inspire the player. If you decide to learn an instrument with Anne, although both hard word and dedication are necessary the journey over the years will be both positive and enjoyable, our family cannot recommend her enough!”

Ewan and Andrea, Parents

“The seven or eight years that I had the pleasure of Anne as my piano teacher were the most interesting and stimulating years of my music education. Anne has always been fantastic at suggesting pieces for me, she has introduced me to some of my favourite composers and repertoire over the years. Anne has inspired me to study music at university and I am indebted to her for helping me prepare for this. Fun, inspirational and a great mentor! Highly recommended!”

Joe, Student

” Anne is an inspirational teacher of music! She has a great deal of patience, sense of humour and a gift for explaining things with clarity. Anne builds up confidence in her pupils and lessons are enjoyable. Recently, Anne has worked with me on an album. She has arranged my music and accompanied me on the violin and keyboard. This has been a very rewarding musical journey to embark upon”

Millie, adult student and songwriter

“Anne is a very special musician and a great teacher“

Philip, professional pianist and a great teacher

“Anne is a wonderful teacher. She has taught me from a very young age and helped me to achieve Grade 8 and a Performance Certificate in Piano and Grade 5 in Theory. I always thoroughly enjoy her lessons, and although I moved away to Nottingham several years ago and then to London to study at university, I always make time when I return home to attend lessons with her. She is highly inspirational and has an amazing ability to choose pieces for me that she knows I will enjoy playing! I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Serena, Student

“Anne always seems to find the right music and manner to motivate our children. She goes the extra mile, always attending examinations to provide last minute support; she has taken the time to come with our family to give us invaluable advice when upgrading both a piano & violin as our children progressed.
Our children have even been known to argue over who has lessons, if we have had to cancel one due to other commitments, they both want the remaining one!
As a family we couldn’t be more delighted. Our daughter has developed such a love of music, thanks to Anne, she now plans to study music at university.”

Alison and Steve, Parents