Christmas Quiz 2014

Here is the 2014 Christmas Quiz – all students should have received it by now, and it is actually a word search with clues. But can you do it without the word search grid?


He went deaf and wrote 9 symphonies. (9 letters)

French composer, well known for his famous Bolero (ironically, possibly the worst thing he wrote!)

(5 letters)

Hungarian composer, well known for his use of Eastern European folk melodies and his sometimes percussive style of writing for piano. (6 letters)

Classical composer who was the supposed “mediocrity” to Mozart’s genius in the play and movie Amadeus. (7 letters)

Famous for using whimsical titles for his compositions, such as Gymnopedie and Gnossienne. (5 letters)

Much celebrated Italian opera composer, famous for La Traviata and Aida. (5 letters)

A “rock star” of his era, his Transcendental Studies were at the time thought to be some of the hardest pieces ever written for piano. (5 letters)

Russian composer who was also a doctor and chemist. (7 letters)

The Master of the Queen’s Music. (7-6 letters)

Very popular contemporary composer whose books of piano music and albums sell very well. Minimalist in style with a bit of a “pop” cross over. (7 letters)

He came from Bradford. (6 letters)

An American famous for his marches, and giving his name to an instrument. (5 letters)

A Dutch Renaissance composer, famous for his masses. (7 letters)


The famous child prodigy (6 letters)

English composer, well known for Jerusalem. (5 letters)

Famous German composer, one of the “three Bs” – Bach, Beethoven and… (6 letters)

Russian, famous for his ballets, The Firebird and The Rite of Spring. (10 letters)

American who is a minimalist composer. He became well known in the late 1960s and won a Grammy award for Different Trains. (5 letters)


Czech composer who wrote “Slavonic Dances” (6 letters)

Elizabethan composer famous for Spem in Alium, an epic work for eight five voice choirs. (6 letters)

Hungarian composer who lends his name to a musical education method which uses Tonic Solfa (Do-Re-Mi) (6 letters)


Wouldn’t you simply die without him? ……. (German late romantic symphonist – the quote is from the play Educating Rita. (6 letters)


He wrote the music for Rule Britannia!.(4 letters)


Russian composer whose first name was Cesar. He was an army officer too. (3 letters)


A French composer, one of the group of composers known as “Les Six” (7 letters)