Merry Christmas

Well, it is coming to the end of another year, and I just wanted to wish all my students a very Happy Christmas. I always enjoy the last lessons before the end of this term as it is a chance to indulge in some light hearted (but hopefully educational) nonsense with my pupils. Not only do I always do the (challenging!) Christmas prize quiz for all, which I will be posting on here shortly as well, but in the final lessons of term my pupils aged 11 to 18 get to take part in the “Guess the Year” competition, a now legendary event (!). This comprises ten quick bursts of recordings of pieces composed between 1700 and 2000…. people guess (in an educated way hopefully) the year of composition and the person with the lowest margin of error wins! I also torture my personal friends with this one, so there’s a parallel competition in place. Sometimes my students beat them though, which is a “win” for me!

Then with the little ones there is the joy of “Musical Dominoes”, and composer snap cards. Plus a special invite to their parents to join us for an impromptu carol concert!

I never grow tired of all this as I am a big kid myself. (Although maybe to be honest I get a bit weary of Jingle Bells by the end of term…. 😉 )


Love and peace to all, and all the very best for 2016!

Anne 😀